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Bowl of beef stew

Classic boeuf bourguignon

A timeless classic Classic boeuf bourguignon originated in the Burgundy (Bourgogne) region of eastern France. It’s traditionally made with a Burgundy wine, but any good Pinot noir will do if you can’t source a good French Burgundy. The Burgundy region of France is well-known for its wine and cuisine. Boeuf

fondant potatoes in a dish with a sprig of rosemary

Fondant potatoes

Fondant potatoes are amazing – fluffy, creamy and full of flavour. They’re not exactly the healthiest way to eat spuds, being as they are cooked in butter, but as a treat now and then, you just can’t beat them. There’s no better way to make the humble spud shine than to turn it into a soft, buttery, fondant delight.

red wine jus being poured onto cooked meat

Red wine jus

Red wine jus. It’s a lot easier to make than you might think! This delicious, rich sauce is excellent with game and fowl (pan-roasted duck breast is a particular favourite of mine) and can even be used instead of gravy to make that old favourite, sausage and mash, more exciting.

Asparagus bunch. For use in this asparagus wrapped in Parma ham recipe

Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham

Use this easy, griddled asparagus starter to impress your friends and dinner party guests (or even a date!). It’s quick, simple to make and very tasty. Note that your balsamic reduction can easily be made ahead of time, as it will keep for quite a while and is delicious as a dressing or dip with all sorts of dishes.

Yorkshire puddings

Perfect Yorkshire puddings

This easy recipe makes the perfect Yorkshire Puddings. ideal with roast beef (or any ‘Sunday roast’ – it doesn’t have to be beef!) or even on their own served with a rich, onion gravy. The real secret to making perfect Yorkshire puddings is simple – leave the batter to rest in the fridge overnight.

Spicy barbecue Chinese style spare ribs

Spicy, Chinese-style BBQ pork ribs

This recipe combines some of my favourite flavours and these ribs are sweet, sour, spicy, tangy and delicious. I actually based it around a Gordon Ramsay recipe I saw on Channel 4 ages ago. Though I’ve changed it a little, it is more or less his, so let me say “thanks Gordon!” for the inspiration.