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Homemade fish fingers in crispy panko breadcrumbs, served with parsnip crisps and a homemade tartare sauce

Homemade fish fingers in panko breadcrumbs

Served with parsnip crisps, and homemade tartare sauce There’s something about fish fingers that brings back childhood memories of simple, comforting meals that were easy to make and enjoyed by the whole family. But who said that these delicious treats have to be reserved just for kids? With a few

Beef in ale casserole

Beef in ale casserole

Beef and ale go brilliantly well together, and on a cold, dark winter night you’d be hard-pressed to beat a dish as hearty and delicious as a good old beef in ale casserole!

One of the great things about a beef in ale casserole, apart from being delicious anyway, is that the flavour of the finished dish really does depend upon the type of beer you use.

red wine jus being poured onto cooked meat

Red wine jus

Red wine jus. It’s a lot easier to make than you might think! This delicious, rich sauce is excellent with game and fowl (pan-roasted duck breast is a particular favourite of mine) and can even be used instead of gravy to make that old favourite, sausage and mash, more exciting.

Yorkshire puddings

Perfect Yorkshire puddings

This easy recipe makes the perfect Yorkshire Puddings. ideal with roast beef (or any ‘Sunday roast’ – it doesn’t have to be beef!) or even on their own served with a rich, onion gravy. The real secret to making perfect Yorkshire puddings is simple – leave the batter to rest in the fridge overnight.