Dave's Delicious Delights

Kimchi pork mince fried rice

This simple fried rice with pork mince and kimchi, topped with a lightly-fried egg, is absolutely delicious. Kimchi is a traditional Korean side-dish of fermented cabbage and chilli. It’s spicy, slightly sour and very moreish!

I love kimchi. In Korea, where it is the national dish, it is served as a side with almost every meal.

Korean-style beef stir fry

Korean cuisine has gained a lot of popularity over the years, and with good reason! Offering bold flavours, vibrant colours, and with a focus on healthy ingredients, Korean food has something to offer everyone. One dish that has become particularly popular in our house is my take on a Korean-style

Chicken and leek casserole bake

My baked chicken and leek casserole is made with a cream and white wine sauce base. It’s topped with Parmesan and baked to give a beautiful brown colour and crispy texture, to both the skin of the chicken and the surface of the casserole.

Homemade croutons

If you’re throwing away bread when it becomes too stale to eat, stop it now and make homemade croutons instead! I used to just throw stale and left-over bread away, but now I use this simple recipe (or variations of it) to make delicious croutons.

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