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Beef in ale casserole

Beef in ale casserole

Beef and ale go brilliantly well together, and on a cold, dark winter night you’d be hard-pressed to beat a dish as hearty and delicious as a good old beef in ale casserole!

One of the great things about a beef in ale casserole, apart from being delicious anyway, is that the flavour of the finished dish really does depend upon the type of beer you use.

Chicken and leek casserole bake

My baked chicken and leek casserole is made with a cream and white wine sauce base. It’s topped with Parmesan and baked to give a beautiful brown colour and crispy texture, to both the skin of the chicken and the surface of the casserole.

Classic boeuf bourguignon

A timeless classic Classic boeuf bourguignon originated in the Burgundy (Bourgogne) region of eastern France. It’s traditionally made with a Burgundy wine, but any good Pinot noir will do if you can’t source a good French Burgundy. The Burgundy region of France is well-known for its wine and cuisine. Boeuf

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