Dave from Dave's delicious delightsHi everyone, and welcome to Dave’s delicious delights, a blog about great recipes and the love of food.

I’m Dave (as you may have guessed) and I live in Brighton, on the south coast of the UK.

I’m not a chef – I just love eating good food and I enjoy cooking it and trying out new recipes too.

I decided to start this blog to keep a record of the recipes I love and to share those recipes, in the hope that other people will enjoy them as well.

I may use this blog to write about topics other than food from time to time, but for the most part it will be about the food and recipes that I love to make and eat, and I might throw in the occasional review of restaurants and pubs that I’ve particularly enjoyed here in Brighton (where, to be honest, there are a lot of good places to eat and drink).

One thing you may notice as I get started is that my food photography ‘skills’ leave something to be desired! I intend to improve upon them and to bring you photos that look as good as the food tastes, but for now, you may have to take my word for it for some of these recipes.

Do feel free to contact me, connect on Twitter and/or Pinterest and leave comments.

Blogging is all about connecting with others who share your passions, so if food is one of yours, get in touch. Thanks for reading, enjoy the site and happy eating.

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